Sales Closing Techniques – Multiple Closes

Every sales person will need to know about  a sales closing technique known as multiple closing. This is where during your presentation you will make a series of trial closes, at each point you need to determine if this is the point at which the buyer is ready to give you the order.

In this type of sales closing technique if you initially get a negative response take this as a step closer to getting  a yes, it means the buyer is still not ready. So find out what the objection is, overcome this by a ‘what if’ method and trial close again – You may have to do this 6-8 times during your presentation.

You can never close too early if the time is right go for it even if you have not completed your presentation. So if you can see your buyer giving buy signals after a particular point in your presentation do a trial close. Certainly when you get to the end of your presentation this is an obvious point to trial close and a critical point to overcome objections.

So just remember a No is only a step closer to a yes!

Stan Renals

Writer of e-book on Closing Techniques available only on

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Sales Training

Learning about new multimedia techniques is a very good method to improve your presentation style, every day something new comes onto the scene.

Sales courses are a very good way to refresh your sales closing methods and objection handling techniques, you should also consider attending at least one to two courses a year to stay on top of your profession, even seasoned sale professionals attend refresher courses.

Sales training may be even talking to the designers in your company to see what new innovations or updates have been made since the last release – staying on top of the latest products and benefits will definitely keep you ahead of your peers.

One of the best ways to learn is to teach, if your product is appropriate you could use to give a seminar at a local college or University, you may find your particular topic is well suited to a particular curriculum. You could even practice some of your objection handling techniques with your listeners.

Till the next time.

Stan Renals

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Closing Sales Early in the Morning

I understand that few of us want to be away from home overnight, but time travelling on the road is also a waste of time especially during these congested times. Good sales methods are often part of how you plan your journey, maybe instead of going from point A to B, you travel your area in a circular pattern if your area allows.

So maybe you can end the day at the furthest point in your area stay overnight and be at the next customer furthest away on your patch at 8am – if possible. Now if you do that perhaps you could reward yourself and get home early to spend time with the family.

Most good bosses will always turn a blind eye providing you are closing your sales and hitting your targets, maybe even you spend a couple of nights away from home and if sales are going well take Friday afternoon off.

Staying away from the home environment allows you to get those reports done, keep up to date your contact files and even allows you to practise your sales closing methods and you can plan the sales techniques and strategies you are going to use the next day.

Maybe even brush up on your product knowledge, but perhaps a vital role is getting to know your purchaser better, perhaps tell him you are in town and perhaps he would like to have dinner with you. Some companies frown on this but providing you keep it professional there is no reason why you should not get to know your buyer better, you maybe surprised what little tips you will pick up.

Anyway put some thought in how you plan your journeys as driving around today especially in the rush hours is quite horrendous  there is nothing worse than getting stuck in a traffic jam – ask your self where would you rather be in a traffic jam or supping a cold beer or tipple of your choice in a hotel bar planning the next sales call!

Till the next time.

Stan Renals

Author of Sales Closing Techniques

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Closing Techniques and Sales Methods

Welcome to the new dawn, what will the day hold for you as you go out to visit your next customer – will you close the sale or will spend too much time on preparing things that are not important to close the sale.

Generally most sales people are not time efficient, OK you need to have up to date sales brochures and it goes without saying that you know your products inside out and your presentation is up to date and you know your slide order – But do you spend time practising your opening lines, do you spend time on your closing Techniques.

You need to rehearse how to overcome price or product objections, you need to make sure you are talking to the decision maker or this is important in the sales process. To be effective in sales you need to spend time reading about sales closing methods, getting good tips form other professional sales people, this is where you need to spend your time.

Whichever business sector you are in the process is the same, maybe their is a difference in the way you conduct a relationship with a buyer depending if it is a consumable sale or a one off capital sale (car or some piece of equipment), but other than that the process is exactly the same.

Sales presentations are an excellent sales tool provided you know how to give the presentation and are you able to provide the listener with a sample of the product you are selling?

Spend time getting some sales coaching or attend sales courses, we all know that coaching will improve our game – Have you ever seen or heard of a professional sportsman being successful without one – NO.

Do not be afraid to get as much help as possible and you could do worse than picking up some of my tried and time tested techniques which have been successful for years in Closing Sales and will continue to work long into the future.

So if you are serious about improving your sales ratio visit

If you have any questions I am always happy to answer them.


Stan Renals



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