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Sales Closing Techniques

How to Become the Most Successful Salesperson in Your Company by Closing More Sales Than Anyone Else Using Tried and Tested Methods!

Improve your Closing Techniques and Negotiation Skills then Immediately Increase Your Value to the Boss and Your Pocket……..

Dear Sales Person,

Have you ever wondered why the best sales people always exceed their targets with surprisingly little effort and why year after year they collect all the prizes at your annual prize giving?

Well this Could be You!

No matter what product you are selling they all require the same basic set of steps, from the initial contact through to getting the order. During this process a customer will always put up objections, overcoming these objections by using different sales closing techniques and methods that suit our own personality will help you to reach your ultimate goal – Closing the sale!

Once you can start to understand the basic sales closing techniques and methods then tune them to your style you will close more sales your confidence will grow and success brings success all it takes is a nudge in the right direction.

You Can Succeed by Learning the Secrets

Maybe you have been on a few sales courses and read a few books, but still you cannot reach the top Sales Persons prize. Well how would you like to start closing sales by overcoming all the customers’ objections, learn how to apply new and established sales closing techniques and methods around your own personality. This is achievable immediately you start applying my closing techniques and methods.

Immediately Increase Your Potential and Success

I have sold capital goods, consumables, software, consultancy, products over the phone, even at car boot sales, the one common denominator is that we are selling to people sometimes to groups and if we like someone and trust them enough we stand a far better chance of completing that final transaction – an exchange of product for money.

Make Your Individual Personality be your Benefit

We are in sales because we don’t like to be stuck behind a desk, we like meeting different people enjoy different surroundings and like the chase. The excitement of getting that order is still with me today, I love what I do and so should you, Sales is one of the most rewarding professions around and the most transferable.

Be the Most Sought after Salesperson in your Industry

Once you have cracked the code of successful selling, the world really is your oyster, if you get fed up in one industry go to another you will still use the same successful skills. After I was promoted to Sales Manager I always preferred to educate a good sales person about our products than the other way around. If you are good in sales, you will never go hungry!

What Do I Need to Make the Difference?

I already know you are a good sales person and have the potential to be even better because all the successful sales people are always looking to find the better sales closing methods and increase your income and credibility. Knowledge, trust, professionalism, reliability and knowledge are key assets of a good sales person.

Go From Average to Outstanding Sales

How do we climb the ladder of success and see our sales skyrocket and get everybody congratulating you on your success. Can you cope with the added pressure of success and popularity, yes, very quickly you will become very popular as everybody will want to be your friend and try to copy your success.

It just gets Better and Better you will Suddenly be No1!

Practise new and proven techniques and strategies that you are comfortable with and you will achieve the rewards you deserve and yes it will take practise but the beauty of what I can share with you is that it is proven and works and you can adapt it to your own personality and style of selling, as we are all different.

STAND OUT From the Crowd!

I used to work for a corporation that believed in continual education and training for all their staff and special attention was given to the sales people as this organization was run by ex-sales people who even though they were now Directors and Vice-Presidents they placed a very high value on sales people.

Learn the Best – Selling Techniques Around Today

I continue to learn from dozens upon dozens of different sales courses and at each one I learn something new and adapted it to my particular personality, so over the last 25 years I have built up a natural set of sales closing techniques, methods and phases that I do not feel awkward in applying in real live situations because they have been tailored to suit my personality. I can show you how to do exactly the same……….

Adapt Your Style to My Techniques

What I honestly believe was missing from all of the sales courses I went to was MY PERSONALITY! What I mean by that is that you can learn all the sales closing techniques in the world but if you do not feel comfortable with them then there is no chance that you will apply yourself to achieve the end result – THE ORDER!

This Sales Method Will Give You Satisfaction

Once I started to apply my style and personality to the closing techniques and methods that I was shown my results almost doubled overnight, sales started to increase and within one year I won salesman of the year! I had found the difference between an average sales closing method and a high performer almost by accident. I decided to try my ideas out on my colleagues and they too started increasing sales!

Learn the Magic of Making Money Through Sales

Where my method was different to everybody else’s, was that I applied the different sales closing techniques that best suited my personality and I tailored methods I was uncomfortable with so I can use them in a way where I was confident. I believe I found the connection between good sales individuals and proven sales closing techniques. I started not to be afraid of objections, in fact I almost welcomed them! Customers started buying – It is a great feeling!

Suddenly Your Sales Start to Climb

After you start reading my tried and tested course on sales closing techniques you will develop a more positive attitude be more confident and develop more empathy towards the customer. You will gain an incredible amount of self confidence as you will be operating within your own comfort zone you will achieve results you had never dreamed possible.

Release Yourself to Your Full Potential

You will read about unusual effective ways to get that ‘impossible’ first interview you will learn how to overcome price objection naturally, without it sounding like something you learnt on a course. Learn some creative selling techniques and strategies I have only seen used by the most successful people.

Learn Why Successful People Keep On Getting the Most Money!

I mentioned earlier people like to buy from people they like, this is true around the world I have lived and sold products in America, Europe and Asia and the basic principles are the same however there are subtle differences between the continents that are explained in this e-book that will open your eyes to a golden opportunity - making lots of Money…..

Make Customers Happy and Make Profit…

You will never have to sell at the lowest price – EVER, I will show you how to get your customer in whatever region to buy your product at a higher price – this in effect will stop your competitor from underselling you, how can they if the customer is willing to pay a higher price for your product!

Learn the Secrets and Be a Master in Your Profession

To reach the top you must climb, be it a mountain or in sales. However you must have the best strategy, equipment or information if you want to succeed. If you look at the most successful and wealthiest people on this planet the ones that improve and grow richer are the ones that are continually learning and practising, this is also true in sport, selling is no different!

Get The Knowledge That will Put You at The Top of Your Profession!

If you want to be the best then get the best information money can buy, it will pay dividends in the long term. Have you heard the saying ‘You only get what you pay for’ that saying is as true today as it ever was. I want to share with you what I have developed and used over 25 years of selling products and services to various industries and have made millions of $’s profit for my various companies as well as a very comfortable living for myself.

Invest in Your Future Earnings Today!

I know that since I have developed and applied my process over a long period of time sales continue to rise, once you have applied the sales closing techniques I have developed you will be able to go on and adapt your style with the sales closing techniques in every situation and tailor the methods to suit your personality and start making the kind of money you once dreamed of.

Plus These Outstanding Free Gifts

Three Outstanding guides on selling, High Pressure Versus Low Pressure Selling, Measuring the Environment for Closing and Important Closing Techniques, showing you the best way to judge the selling environment. Knowing the things to avoid losing a sale and the best way to use summary and alternative closes so you can easily close the order. Not one but three selling guides to help you achieve your sales targets and be the envy of your sales team!

Guilt Edge Guarantee

I am happy for you to keep my e-book and read the contents and apply the techniques for up to 60 days, if you do not find you have increased your sales using my methods then I will happily return every penny you have spent. I am convinced I can turn any average sales person into an outstanding one.

Further more if you want a refund I will let you keep the free information packs as a gesture of my goodwill and confidence in these methods and hope you truly get something from them.

Decision Time

What I am offering you is a way to make your sales go from average to skyrocket success, with no risk at all. The only risk being if you do not try you will never know! For a 60 day period I am releasing this product at a reduced price of $27 what I am asking is you invest $27, yes only $27 dollars grab it now before it goes up as this will be only for a limited period.

I am offering to show you sales closing techniques and methods that fit into your personality just for a cost of a nice meal with your girlfriend or partner……..

Before you decide; are you sure you will be able to handle the success, will you be able to cast aside the numerous job offers you will eventually receive for your services. Will you be able to cope with your new found friends trying to find out how you succeed year after year.…………


Kind Regards

Stan Renals

PS These sales closing techniques and methods I developed improved my sales year in year out for 20+ years and continue to do so; the only down side is you get fed up cleaning the trophies!

PPS This is a no risk offer, if after 60 days you do not reach the success you expect you will get your money back, a guilt edged guarantee.

PPS Only order this product if you truly can cope with the success it will bring!

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